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Install - How to change occurrence cars

I want to Ferrari Enzo normally NO RUN up the street, to it was real.
(=substitute cheetah so that car find only parked near one's houses on island 
and in port) [herewith too you can on the contrary adjust to you possibly 
romero rode normally up the street]

1. file "defaul.ide" open

2. Find car near whose you want adjust occurrence, in this case "cheetah"

3. Find row where's by typing occurrence (ignore, normal, executive...)
in this case are there writing "executive", this word re-write on "ignore"

In the event of if you want change occurrence on something else, here they are explanatory notes:

ignore - will not frequent a place nowhere (only there where's regularly parked)
normal - will frequent a place everywhere
executive - after starfish Icelandic and surroundings rich quarter
big - like truck, largely in attainment
richfamily - middle class, about airport and on first island
poorfamily - poor quarter, little Haitian, downtown...
worker - poor people quarter, about airport and downtownu
taxi - denotation trace cab, no rewrite!

(near motorcycle and by boat unrecommended change)

4. So and set put and already him never no-run into in the street (=
(in by other case on the contrary, when place disregard type possibly "worker" so will frequent a place in poor people quarter )


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