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Install - Real cars names"

1. first file carcols.dat you must remove "only for reading".

2. Your download programme: GTA Texter (180kb)

3. So yourself open the programme, give OPEN and find placing set
(.../text/ and here yourself Choose lanquen which on side you are using, let's say possibly ENGLISH, so that file american.gxt)

4. So that here they are all text in those games laid tongue.
So that for supplying, yourself selection car MERCEDES CL65, which substitute car Regina
(=unless you know title automobiles, open readme and first line is title automobiles)
(=as far as you do not know what substitute, just so always title automobiles that is title TXD and DFF set)

5. Now to the lines that is marked on pictures write title automobiles, see. Regina
(if you want change and other text from games, so word from definite sentences write to sum with-sheet, and give go with-sheet, find out lot sentences where this word was)

6. To the black field "text" write place "Regina" genuine title automobiles, hence "Mercedes CL65", and then give apply

7. Now it put, give SAVE, re-write original set (in this case american)

8. A as far as be done by all well so with you reveal


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