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At start with out back dead failure
-happen it sometimes after initiation games, is it that on side already have you much out and Your PC it already uncontrolled so even counting one bracket and parts games, and play neglect one parts.
SOLVING: To the 2-5 minutes it desist from, or let go games again or yourself buy more RAM

V one city borough come out texture on LOD reserve texture
-act with about it, that on side already have you much out with much texture
SOLVING: Reduce to visibility, keep on side less out or yourself buy more RAM

Car they are checked
-act with heaps little pixel, that autop has much detail so you must give games occasion to count chicken.
Heighten resolution games mine. on 1024x768 or 1280x1024

Play with in definite places nip
-play uncontrolled compabilite
SOLVING: a) can it be bad set, revert to last advances
Nepomaha nor reinstal, inline car singly, elect other programme.
buy original CD games, piratic copy games contain couple mistakes that have with disply manifest after some time modifying games.

majority problem too rise that badly or ne completely enter data to the games, and have not everything install, install according to instruction that have find upon this pages


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