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1. Component COLL you must thrust forth "only for reading".

2.You must have download programme Collsion fille editor 1,1 (766kb)

3. programme open and enter "LOAD"

4. You you must find set "vehicles.col", find him in \models\coll\ (C:\program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto Vice City\models\coll), and set open.

5.Now find title automobiles that have you you want replace by. And enter REPLACE

6.find coll filles whereby this you want replace by. (near my mods always be near DFF & TXD filles)

7.Now elect car from selection (as far as them there isn't vic so enter it what ther's), and give REPLACE.

8.Alone give "SAVE", and then "YES" and "YES".
A is it End


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