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1. first file carcols.dat you must remove "only for reading".

2.Find file carcols.dat, .../data/ 
(C:\program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto Vice City\data\carcols.dat)

3. file "carcols.dat", OPEN

4. for opening file enter choose from the list.

5.A set open like "Notepad" (textual document, TXT), and give OK.

6.Now FIND car that have substitute (even "deluxo"...) (CTRL+F)

6. Now open README.TXT cars whose you are download, find row with carcols (DELUXO, 97,97, 98,98, 99,99...), this row COPY.

7. Herewith assing used row cars (PASTE).

8. A is it! Now it already SAVE, and quit. (carcols.dat)

->Any automobiles shall they new (next) colours, how is install is here<-


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