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Install - Replace car by any car

Car "Washington" already I have somebody's supplying, and I want there Aston Martin Vanquis Tuning that have substitute Washington, and I want to Aston Martin was place possibly automobiles "RUMPO"

1. files DFF, TXD and COL rename thereon, cim it you want now replace by, in this case is it on "RUMPO"

2. Now already rename files normally replace by to the games.

3. From lines defaul.ide make copy only issue wheels and size wheels and replace by already behind winch.

4. From lines handlinch.cfg make copy only numerical data

5. near alike, again only numerical data:

everything (=

As far as substitute place possibly behind supplies, so definitely have need of new col filler, and as far as near set col filler isn't, so open vehicles.col as though you are want there something import, find car that have originally it substitute (washing), give "export" and put him somewhere disc, now full thereon wherewith him substitute (winch) and and replace by him (replace) thereby original export (washing).
[herewith too then you can replace by in fair weather some super-sport behind truck]


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