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Install - Real car's name

1.First, you must have GTX SA editor, donwload here<
2. We shall rename model HUMMERA, as far as about this
model nothing you do not know, so yourself open readme, 
up is by typing how with auto real name, and what is the replacement.

3. Now, you open GXT SA EDITOR, download here<

4. you select, File > Open, and choose GXT file, defaul as "american", 
but you using any language on game, so elect the, which you are using.
(C:\program Files\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas\text\american.gxt)


5. Select "MAIN", here is name cars, 
2x click to VALUE, range in alphabetical order

6. Find title automobiles behind that have was 
model supplying, here is the "rancher"

7. On the right, is the title, "rancher", so him re-write behind new, behind
you are replaced models, in our case behind H2, so him there write.
Don't write long title and try offset diacritical.

8. Now, SAVE

Now, foolproof :)


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