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Install - replaced car by any car

Ideal instruction on case, when yourself draw down car, that have substitute possibly hotring, but on hotring already have you other, here’s clues on how him replace by behind anything :)

!!! Try substitute corresponding automobiles, possibly Esperanto behind Sabbath, then advise take heed to type automobiles whether 3 or 5 dverovy, as well as isn't commendableness replace by car recommendation possibly for "sentinel" behind car unmatched its size, possibly behind "Lineruner" etc... !!!

Instruction already lowest so simplification, hope
that automobiles can install without problems...

Our case, have you Lamborghini Gallardo HAMANN tuning, but substitute "hotring", but there already car some have you, so that we him shall substitute behind "Esperanto".

1. Files, TXD a DFF

2. Them renomed, this file, for new replaced car, here is "esperant"

3. now esperant, DFF and TXD replaced normal to the IMG

4. Install Vehicles.dat, you open reamde

5. Here, you replacen only last 4 datas

6. now find this line, with "esperant", and replaced last 4 datas in vehicles.dat

7. Now Handling.cfg, you copy ONLY data, without name car

8. And replaced in handling.cfg to esperantu

9. now carcols.dat, again copy only dat, and paste
to esperant in carcols.dat

10. carmods.dat, copy again only data, and paste to
line with esperant in carmods.dat
(on carmods isn't all cars!!!)

11. And one step, play game :)


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