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Install - DFF & TXD files to IMG FILES

1. You first must DOWNLOAD programme IMG TOOL v.2 (220kb)

2. Open programme "IMG TOOL v.2 for GTA SA", find IMG Files, it is:
cutscene.img, gta3.img, gta_int.img, player.img

(...GTA San Andreas\models\)

3. Now what will need, on approbation interpolation T-shirts Quiksliver to the games, you find in readme.txt with will work with files PLAYER.IMG, and will with put in files "tshirtproblk.txd", open "player.img"

4. Give tables for search, or F2

5. write file name which are you looking for

6. Ok, now on the set genuine buttons on mouse and give REPLACE

7. Now him already replace by new.

And this too with next TXD and DFF files.



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