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08.01.07' - 
After long time here break in again on some old project, 
                  I preparing tuning VW Golf, preview here<
16.11.06' - 
Sorry, but I now haven't much time, for creating new cars, so, 
                here is next update preview this Shelby GT500 :), here
- Ok, here is new cars for GTA SA, 2x Lamborghinis, tuning AMV8 and hovado1 v.2
24.08.06' -
So, my new work, my new models for GTA SA? Sure, here is preview :)  
- So, here is this exclusive update :)))
               - 6 mods for San Andreas, one building, one skin pack, and 4 cars
               - > one "car", HOVADO1 (MiniCooper tuning), Gallardo Furious FUN Tuning,
               and H2 HUMMER LOWRIDE DUB :)
               - Too I have new one pages about tuning, 
               even there isn't all... so: www.CzechTuningShow.com
23.07.06' -
Coming soon cool and big update, preview here< :D
- Today, I have here two new tutorials for install for GTA San Andreas,
                tutorials for replaced car for any car and for real car names :)
               - excuse that now wasn't moment up-dating, no further particulas will online new cars,
                 otherwise now I am didn't have much time, ply one’s internet pages about tuning,
                 and recently here with too moved to the new roo
                 when him you want see, is >here :)
               - My old email isn't now using,
                 please for quirys in my new email: [email protected]
26.06.06' -
So, I now work on tuning VW GOLF V, preview here<
                - And, I very thanks to new sponsor, hrajsa.sk
21.06.06' -
Modifi one details and scrpits on this site...

11.06.06' -
Here is new cars, next 4 cars for GTA San Andreas and new 2 cars for Vice City :)
07.06.06' -
Ok, here is new infos about 2 projects,
Ferrari 612 Scaglietti and Ferrari 612 Kappa

Pages with TUNING cars sketch my brother is finished,
29.05.06' - So, Be about up-dating, but whether doesn't speak not a bit in Czech, 
                so you perhaps today don't delight, so:
GTA CZECH FORUM is complete, help and moot about GTA and mods for GTA
And one CRAZY comics, but again only on czech,
25.05.06' -
BEST my 3D projects is complet (beta), little reading :o)
24.05.06' - New preview about next my project Ferrari 612 Scaglietti GTS LaMans tuning
17.05.06' - This is the next update i've added to site:
                - Update preview and screenshots, about for my next project
Ferrari 612 Scaglietti
                - Optimalization script menu (If you are using a browser that it worse for firefox then 
                  it now should work ok)
                - Branch "
Donate" and "Boost up me" have been put any any section
                - These pages with google.com, in single branch accede searching and in English
                  version pages advertising from Google.com, that have you much-sought-for text
                  according to topics, so when you something intrigue, so you be afraid click :o)
                - And I want recommend this website:
08.05.06' -
So, next 4 cars for GTA San Andreas,

              - And little tutorials for creating mdoels in Zmodeler,
01.05.06' - I have next new my internet page, www.online.czin.eu
29.04.06' - Preview new projects, VW GOLF V. for GTA SA, preview here
23.04.06' - New one car for GTA San Andreas, it is next version H2 :)
17.04.06' - New guestbook, but only czech version pages...
16.04.06' -
Special thanks to
Adam C Jagger, for correction effecients on indexs pages :o), thx
15.04.06' -
New car for
GTA San Andreas, Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 2007 :)
12.04.06' -
New version this pages on new domain is here!

10.04.06' - Add new preview 2 projects, Ferrari 612 Scaglietti and H2 HUMMER lowride
07.04.06' - Pages record to new server
- Starting do new pages index crossroad for new domain :)