Welcome on my officional pages about my wallpapers!

Smooth over jse behind my stupid English, but simply my translator is stupid. Upon this pages find all mine wallpapers. Majority they are from convert out my modification to the games GTA Vice City. Perhaps you mine wallpapers will lip.

Thank to Honza Svatoš.


Sorry, but this branch is oblivion, wallpapery all the time I am doing, but shan't time be about publish...

Otherwise at present created design wallpaperu on:


27.02.05' -
Hi, ehm... ...now 111 my wallpapers on-line!!!
02.01.05' -
NOW 68 wallpapers on-line!
31.10.04' -
New cool 30 wallpapers!!! 55 wallpapers ON-LINE!!!
17.10.04' -
Page in CZ langauge!!!
01.09.04' -
25 wallpapers!!!
05.08.04' -
PAGE ON-LINE! 15 wallpapers.